I am new at reviewing products and really enjoy doing so!!!
If you know where I can find new product to try and give my honest opinion on them or have products for me to try contact me....
Thank you and Gods Peace 

I was taught how to crochet by my beloved mom when I was 8 years old.

I am now 56 years young and still love to crochet all types of items. Awhile ago I saw Furls was looking for reviewers and I jumped on it. The origin of these hooks is truly a love story and shows how important it is to have the proper tools to crochet anything you can think of!!!

Below is the hook I handpicked from their several different types of woods and sizes. It is an H hook made of Tulipwood

They also sent me a skein of yarn from the company ice!

I could not decide what to make so I just started crocheting to see how it was different from the metal hooks i was used to...

I then grabbed another skein of yarn to see how well it crocheted using 2 threads of yarn at one time.

At first it felt strange in my hand.....after a few days I started getting used to it. The hook was easy to use and comfy in my hand. It was very hard to go back to the metal hooks.

I then asked my sister Linda to try it also to see what she thought
below are pictures of her using the same hook with a different type yarn.

Her hands are smaller than mine and she was using a finer yarn..
I thought 2 reviews would be better than one...
Her review is below:
This hook is absolutely amazing.
I have arthritis and am able to hold this hook without pain. 
I love this hook !!!

Below is the link to their web site!!!


Furls Fiberarts is the world's premier provider of luxury crochet hooks and other fiberarts tools. Learnmore and watch our founder talk about Furls.


 I was asked to try this tea from
The Republic Tea Company

I was so happy and surprised I was sent 3 different teas!!!

Earl Greyer, Honey Ginseng Green Tea and Biodynamic Heirloom Chamomile Tea!!!

First thing I noticed was their AWESOME packaging!!!

Second thing I noticed was their AWESOME ROUND tea bags

I used the tea set my mom left me when she passed away from Germany to try this tea ... I wanted the full experience!!!

I waited for a chilly day to try the Earl Greyer Tea and I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness and lemony flavor that was NOT bitter or overpowering!

I am blessed because of where and with whom I live with....we enjoy life and the simple things it brings....we make sun tea which is made by placing the tea bags in a pitcher and let the sun brew it !!!

I will be sharing more pictures and my honest reviews on the other 2 teas as soon as possible.....I wanted to post this now to share these AWESOME Teas!!!!!
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