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I used Blue Heron Metallic yarn...color is Bluegrass and Sharky Hook size H
  will be adding beads and then final picture!!!


1st attempt on crocheting a beaded bracelet

2nd attempt on beaded bracelet 

 My Bucket Purse using "Blacklight" yarn from redheart
wrisities using Caron yarn
Angel Wing Shawl for me with beads but 
hard to see them in picture

I have Fibromyalgia and every muscle in my body never relaxes or stops hurting....I take medications but they just keep the pain at bay. I am ALWAYS looking for anything to help me stop this pain so I can enjoy my hobbies. Even holding a book can really hurt my hands. I saw Pray & Crochet Crafts on facebook and liked it immediately because I love to pray & crochet.....anyway I saw these crochet hooks and markers she makes and asked her if she would like me to try and post my honest opinion on them....below is what she sent.
wooohooooo my FAVORITE COLOR!!!

So I decided to try different patterns and yarns to see if this hook would help.....
first i use CARON brand yarn because to me its not really fun to work with because it is not tightly spun...BUT, I must say with this hook it was not bad at all to work with!!! And relieved my hand pain!!!

Then I tried it with Red Heart Acrylic Yarn because it is thicker 
and again I noticed less pain and easier to crochet with!!!

And last but not least this shawl I am crocheting actually something for myself......using Shimmering yarn from Red Heart, a completely different yarn from the yarns above...
SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to crochet this AND much less pain!!!
Thank you sweet Pray & Crochet Crafts for letting me try one of your AWESOME the way have not needing marker yet BUT, I am sure it will work Great!!!
There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many colors, sizes,and shapes to get !
Check them out here


I crocheted this for a sweet baby boy 
and he loves it!!!

Crocheted for Cherokee

My First Wrist Warmer!!!

My Second Wrist Warmer

My Favorite Wrist Warmers 

Star Blanket for our livingroom

And Aramis our cat trying to help me .. LOL  :O)

Will be adding much much more very very soon !!!!!!!

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