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Creation of Calm
Mark Fraley

About the Book
As a young husband and father, Mark learned he had cancer. Through two bouts of the disease that spanned four years, he chose the posture of a seeker. Even when pain and treatments stole his ability to work or focus for periods of time, he captured moments of his journey as images, thoughts, and prayers in the sketchbooks that were his constant companions. This book brings together those moving, heartfelt moments, and the result is honest art, wrenching emotions, a little humor, and authentic spirituality. Mark s story shows that even in the midst of pain and uncertainty, there can be peace and calm.

My Review
I really enjoyed this unique book. I found it inspiring and thought provoking - made me want to start a journal. I am not an artist in this way so they would be no sketches in it....My beloved husband had stage 4 cancer in every sinus cavity,behind eye and down his throat in the left side of his head. I wish he had written a journal because we saw GOD every day!!! He has been cancer free for 5 years now...Bless Jesus!!!
Whether for yourself or a loved one, and whether you've experienced cancer personally or not ... the directness with which he writes about his family, pain, faith, and discovery of art as a medium through which to filter and process all his experiences, will touch your heart and leave you encouraged

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has or is going through treatments for cancer and for any doctors or nurses who treat this awful disease and for those who have a family member or friend who is suffering this too!!!

About the Author
Mark Fraley grew up in France as a child of Christian missionaries. From a young age he drew countless pictures, including cars, jets, and dogs. This passion for putting pen to paper came into full bloom when faced with the challenge of his life, cancer. His three kids and his wife brought the calm needed to face this battle with courage, and God placed a deep-rooted peace that remained beyond just the moment of fervent prayer. He works as an early-childhood educator in Colorado. More of his sketches and collages may be viewed at
Mark will be showing his collages (and book) at the Broomfield (Colorado) Auditorium gallery during January and February. And he is running a collage workshop in December at the Mamie Doud library in Broomfield.
Mark's collage art has been shown at the Bemis Spring Arts show in Seattle, Washington and at the Children's Museum in Everett, Washington.
I received this book from Cladach Publishing for free in return of my honest review.

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