Worship is this

Worship is this.


Heather Bixler

about the book
Let’s explore what it means to worship God.
The mightiest God wants the smallest part of you
The biggest God wants your attention.
The highest God wants to sit next to you.
Worship is this.
My Review
Was so excite to get this book to read and review!!! When it came in the mail I immediately opened it and started reading.....did not want to put it down but,needed to so I could get the full study in my heart . Worship is very important to God and I did not want to take it too fast or likely. So I read the first Chapter slowly and purposely. It is a small book but filled with BIG things...like questions that make you stop and think. I love the cover and the way the chapters are broken down...Just enough....not too little and not too much...sometimes studies can go way too deep that you lose the purpose of it. I love the way Heather wants you to worship the Lord God. There is plenty of room for you to write in the areas provided. I love the Scripture memory parts and will be memorizing them all. I highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to worship the Lord God in Spirit and in Truth. The questions help you draw closer to the Lord and to want to do His will in your life...Very thought provoking and well written...It is a great little book and was blessed by it immensely!!! Well done Heather!

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